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Pak Sugarcane Sett Cutter Planter

Product Details

A tractor drawn/operated sugarcane sett cutter planter has been designed for planting of sugarcane through setts as planting material for four feet apart double row method of sugarcane trench planting. It is a sugarcane sett planting machine with innovative geometry has been designed, developed and field evaluated. It can perform all type of operations involved in sugarcane planting i.e. Furrow opening, Sett cutting, Sett placement in the field, Fertilizer application, sett covering with soil and Pesticide application simultaneously in one pass. It’s a unique type of machine in its geometry.


Salient Features of Pak Sugarcane Sett Cutter Planter

  • Tractor drawn/operated by single-point hitch system.
  • There is no need to uplift this planter by tractor because of two pairs of ground wheels which hold the whole weight.
  • Makes two rows in a furrow and furrow to furrow distance is 1.2 m while row to row is 0.25 m
  • Cuts the cane seed automatically of 0.35 m length.
  • Places seed in the rows with end-to-end jointing & regularly or as desired.
  • Applies fertilizer in the rows as desired quantity.
  • Sprays pesticide on the setts when it is just placed in soil and before burying in the furrows.
  • Cover the seed with soil automatically.
  • There is minimum damage to the buds’ b/c of horizontal feeding and is very easy while placed horizontally on rack
  • Cane stalks placed horizontally on rack avoid the complication while placing these in vertical position and more cane stalks can be loaded on rack
  • Economical for small growers and common tractors can operate this light weight machine.

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