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Smart Robotic Pattern Drawing Machine for Pakistan Textile Industry

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Digital printing on garments is the basic need of today's fashion and textile industry. Digital printing method can be applied to fabric, paper or ceramic, and is useful for many sectors, from fashion to marketing to interior design. Digital printing machines producers have developed systems that will be an alternative to offset and other printing techniques and offer high quality, brighter and more color possibilities at the desired speed, on the desired material but with high cost being their main disadvantage. Due to the high cost associated with these machines, the availability of such machines in local markets is very rare and expensive. The motivation for this study comes after the need of low-cost and highly precision pattern drawing systems for small-scale industrial use. The existing machines available are much expensive and thus not affordable and in many cases not available as well. The proposed smart pattern drawing system will allow small businesses to make high quality drawing on garments with minimum cost and better quality. Giving design options to choose and draw their custom designs on their clothing. Proposed low-cost system will allow customers to make designs on their clothing for special events, festivals, parties and gatherings.

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