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Bigger Brick

100% Recycled Plastic Blocks

At Bigger Brick, we collect discarded plastic, which is shredded and superheated before being fused into the completed block with no fillers or adhesives used. The blocks are sized to the same dimensi...

Appliances kontrols

Automatic Water Motor Controller

Automatic Water Motor controller controls water motor by sensing the level of water tank through which we can save wastage of water from being overflow. This device not only sense the over head tank b...

Erum's Artbox

Laser printed home linen

Daily use home linen like cushions bed sheets and bedcovers are designed with laser printing using the triditional looks of rali or hand painted. Each item is made in view to showcase tridiagonal heri...

These tridiagonal hand woven hot pots locks the freshness and heat of Rotis or snacks. They are sustainable and completely chemical free we have given a modern touch to tridiagonal pataris. They come...

Erum's Artbox

Changair Chabbis

Made from the agricultural waste. From the stems and leaves of wheat triditional hand woven changair chabbis, are the best solution for replacing plastic 

Go Green Breathe Clean

Outdoor Air Purifier

An outdoor air purifier is a device which will detect pollutants in the air, and convert them into clean air, regulating a fresh environment. It is aimed for outdoor purification, and is powered by so...

YourChamp allows you to claim your personal landing page in the form of a digital card for your audience that shows off your cumulative reach. With the tool, you can create a single link encompassing...



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