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Multipurpose and Multifunction Intercropping Drill

Product Details

A tractor drawn multipurpose as well as multifunctional drill to perform different types of required field operations. This drill can cultivate the soil, break soil clods, prepare seed bed, apply fertilizer and drill seed in a single operation. Increases land equivalent ratio from 1 to 1.5. Small and large seeds can be sown (wheat, maize and gram). It applies fertilizer as Deep band placement into the soil. It's a very economical and simple operation drill. All parts of the drill are removable and adjustable manually according to the requirement.

This machine can be used as

  • Intercropping Drill.

To plant different crops in Sugarcane (wheat, maize, clovers and pulses).

  • Inter-tillage Implement.

 To perform intercultural practices in standing Sugarcane crop.

  • Minimum Tillage Drill.

 It can be used for sowing multiple crops without performing heavy cultivation.

  • General Sowing Drill.

This machine can sow crops in well pulverized soil as in conventional methods.

  • Strip Cropping Drill.

Multiple crops can be sown in strip cropping geometry by using this drill.

  • Deep band fertilizer placement drill.

 Drill tines have been designed in such a way that fertilizer is placed first into the soil deep and is covered by soil layer and then seed is drilled about two (2) inches above the fertilizer and again seed is covered with soil to avoid germination problem and increasing fertilization use efficiency

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