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About “National University of Technology, Islamabad”

Description: NUTECH is a federally chartered Higher Education Commission (HEC) recognized, Islamabad based university, administratively under Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST). NUTECH is aspiring to become world class technology driven research university committed to best serve society and industry through purposeful education, research, and innovation. NUTECH is mandated to impart quality education in all eight (8) levels of National Qualification Framework (NQF) i.e from Diploma to Doctorate. It is established as a pioneer ‘University for Industry’ to create, develop and promote emerging technologies for national and international markets.
Areas of Interest: Engineering Technology, Energy, Information and Communication Technologies,
Country: Pakistan

Biomass Pelletizer is a machine that not only converts sawdust into compact pellets but can also make pellets for feed for different animals. Biomass pelletizer machine uses a die and roller assemble...

CNC milling machine uses cutters to shape a workpiece, on a moveable tabletop, although some milling machines also feature movable cutters. Milling started out as a manual task performed by humans, bu...

National University of Technology, Islamabad

Distributed Wind Direction And Speed Assessment System

The Sniper training system is an advanced outdoor long-range system for sniper training and evaluation. It consists of multiple remote wireless weather stations reporting the wind speed and wind direc...

National University of Technology, Islamabad

Advance Ballistic Solver (ABS)

ABS is a fully integrated, rifle-mounted, automated, full-solution fire-control system for shooting weapons, coupled with precision. The system also contains an internal environmental sensor suite, pl...

Gesture Control Vehicle is a type of vehicle which can be controlled by simple human gestures. Hence the user just needs to wear a gesture device, where sensors have been employed. The movement of dev...

National University of Technology, Islamabad

NUPRINT (An indigenously developed 3D Printer)

  3D printers are emerging as a key growing printing technology in the global landscape. In Pakistan, the market for 3D printers is at its nascent stage; however, offers huge growth opportunitie...

National University of Technology, Islamabad

Product Title: NUVENT (An Indigenously developed ICU Ventilator)

NUTECH in quest for technologies creation has developed a robust Ventilator System to support Government of Pakistan’s indigenous efforts in fight against COVID- 19. NuVent is about to go into c...


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