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A Smart Walking Stick for Visually Impaired and Deaf People

Product Details

We are presenting a smart walking stick for visually impaired and deaf person.  The stick is based on Arduino and other modules. It is globally estimated that there are approximately 1.3 billion  people  live  with  some  form  of  vision  impairments.  According  to  Global  Trends (2015),  there  are  36  million  blind  people  all  around  the  world  and  there  are  at  least  216 million people with moderate and severe vision impairments. According to the  World Access for  the  Blind,  the  biggest  challenge  for  visually  impaired  or  a  blind  person  is  physical movement or independent mobility. It is very challenging for a blind person to move freely, usually  there  where  he  or  she  haven’t  been  before  in  the  place  which  isn’t  designed  and constructed  for  blind  people’s  condition.  As  a  result  and  due  to  our  knowledge  and experience in  the field of technology, we  decided to develop a smart walking stick that may reduce  many challenges faced by visually impaired people.  We hope we will minimize their problem or fill the gap in between us. Our system will detect obstacles using ultrasonic sensors integrated in Arduino . Here we proposed a low cost stick with camera to take picture and send it to the family member’s smart phone, GPS through which the person could be located using  an  Android mobile application we developed for it. Using ultrasonic sensors, we designed our stick to detect obstacles within in few centimeters. The stick is able to detect pit  and can detect depth like stairs etc.


   Designing  a stick that will make a path or environment free of obstacles,  so they can

detect objects without physical contact

  To design such a stick that will help blind person to capture picture

  To  design  such  a  stick  that  will  help  blind  person  to  record  video  or  audio  in

unwanted situations

  To design a stick through which blind person will post pictures to online server both

automatically and manually

  To  design  a  stick  which  will  post  longitude  and  latitude’s  data  both  manually  and


  To design a stick that will notify family members in case of irregular orientations

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