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Automatic Water Motor Controller

Automatic Water Motor controller controls water motor by sensing the level of water tank through which we can save wastage of water from being overflow. This device not only sense the over head tank b...

Haprow (Private) Limited

TimTim - Your Autism Companion

TimTim is not just a robot; it's a friend and a mentor for children on the autism spectrum. This innovative assistive technology is designed with a deep understanding of the unique needs of autistic c...

TechnoLyte - IT Company

Multi Vendor Ecommerece platform

Allow vendors/store owners to sell their products on your marketplace and charge them monthly subscription fee + commissions%(optional) + per transaction fee(optional). Each vendor (store owner) has...

Chattha Bio Care

Dream Growth

Dream Growth is a seed priming solution which you can apply to any seed (1%) and it stimulate germination and growth. The solution comprise of nitrogen fixing bacteria. 

Chattha Bio Care

Bacto Grow Fast

Bacto Grow Fast is liquid biofertilizer comprise of nitrogen fixing bacteria. You can add for any crop at growth stage. One liter for one acre. 

Science and Technology Online

Expert Web Development

We are proveding Expert level of Web Development services. Transform your vision into a stunning website. Science and Technology Online proveding Complete website development service. E-Commerce we...


The Foodie Express

The proposed system is an integrated online food ordering system that enables fast food delivery for the customers. It overcomes the disadvantages of manual food ordering system. Our proposed system i...



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