Product Detail

Advance Ballistic Solver (ABS)

Product Details

ABS is a fully integrated, rifle-mounted, automated, full-solution fire-control system for shooting weapons, coupled with precision. The system also contains an internal environmental sensor suite, platform orientation inclinometers, and sophisticated ballistic calculator. It uses environmental and weapon orientation data to compute a ballistic solution based on weapon and target. During the entire time, the shooter never removes his eye from the scope nor loses his sight picture of the target. This allows the shooter to maintain better situational awareness and avoids extra time and effort in reacquiring the target.

Product Specifications:

  • An interactive user friendly android mobile application
  • Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  • An IMU to measure orientation of rifle
  • wireless communication
  • Octa-core CPU (4 x 2.3 GHz cortex-A 53) process
  • Portable printer
  • Portable weather meter
  • 8 different ballistic models
  • Laser range finder compatible
  • Muzzle velocity measurement

Product Images

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