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Amir Pakistan Oximeter (APO)

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The pulse oximeter is an extensively used healthcare device that measures oxygen stages in a non-invasive manner. It illuminates the skin with the help of two tiny laser beams of wavelengths of 600 nm (red) and 940 nm to assess the changes in light absorption of oxygenated (oxyhemoglobin) and deoxygenated blood (reduced hemoglobin). In this way, an oximeter allows for faster treatment of severe hypoxemia and, in certain cases, provides avoidance of significant consequences. It is also capable of monitoring the health of a person with any type of condition that can affect blood oxygen levels.

Thi is a painless, lightweight gadget that a person slips his or her finger into. It monitors the pulse and oxygen percentage in the blood and displays the results on an LCD screen in half a minute. During our clinical trial, it gave (98.6%) a very accurate reading, close to perfection. As compared to the current market, the price of the device is extremely low as compared to other devices presen.

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