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Bio Mass Pellet Machine

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Biomass Pelletizer is a machine that not only converts sawdust into compact pellets but can also make pellets for feed for different animals. Biomass pelletizer machine uses a die and roller assemble to make compact pellets, the die is rotating at its axis and the roller assembly (which is also working as a weight) with a stationary shaft has two rollers which rotates due to die. The Power from motor is transmitted through a gear box to die. The roller assembly crushes and pushes the raw material through the die holes and form pellets. Please also note that a working model of the machine is already designed and manufactured/assembled locally. However, efforts are required to make it efficient and upgrade it to a pilot-plant scale.


The significant target is to design and develop a pilot plant scale complete machine (Biomass Pelletizer) locally which efficiently makes dried and compacted pellets for clean energy (burning) and as livestock feed.

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