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Gesture Control Robotic Tank

Product Details

Gesture Control Vehicle is a type of vehicle which can be controlled by simple human gestures. Hence the user just needs to wear a gesture device, where sensors have been employed. The movement of device results in the motion of vehicle. The device is mainly a glove in which a signal transmitting circuit is fitted for the transmission of signals, that interacts with the receiving circuit on the vehicle hence the vehicle moves in a particular direction assigned by the user.

Daily Life Applications:

It is going to be very helpful for persons with walking disabilities by minimizing their dependence on others. Besides that, the product is also used as a tool of entertainment for kids

Future Plans:

Advancement in this technology can produce products like:

  • Gesture Control Wheel Chair (GCWC).
  • Converting "GCV" to Mind Control Vehicle (MCV).
  • Introduction of Solar panels.
  • Long Range Transmission.

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