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A heat block, otherwise known as a dry bath incubator, is a microprocessor-controlled heating               block with heater technology.

 It's a safe and convenient tool used to heat samples in flasks, tube, and vials, which is ideal for obtaining consistent results and precise temperature stability.

Dry heating blocks are extensively utilized in laboratories for precise heating and cooling applications. They are frequently used in molecular biology, clinical, histology, genetic, biochemistry, and environmental laboratories. Additionally, the development of sensitive industrial products also often requires the use of dry heating blocks.

Several different biology and molecular biology processes in which dry heat blocks hold an important place include incubation and activation of cultures, coagulation studies, inactivation of Sera, chain reactions, incubation of enzyme reactions, restriction digests, incubating DNA samples, thermal cycling in hot-start PCR, assay preparation, tissue and cell culture, cross-matching, denaturing DNA, BUN, and antibody IDs. The cooling feature of dry baths is utilized for molecular biology samples that require near freezing medium. Due to their excellent performance in these studies dry heat blocks have also become an important part of vaccine development studies.

The members of R&D lab indigenously developed the heat block by meeting the commercial standards upon the request of Bio department in 2019.

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