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ECI Products & Services

1.   EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE DISPOSAL (EOD), equipment comprises of following products;

(a) Remote Initiation Systems

➢ RDS 6711
➢ RDS 6722

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(b) Manual Initiation Mini-Shrike Systems

➢ MS01-22A (Single port)
➢ MS04-22A (Four ports)

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(c) IEDs Disruptors De-Armor & Accessories

➢ EAD-20 Recoilless
➢ EAD-50 Recoilless
➢ EAD-50SS Recoilless (Upgraded Option)
➢ EOD Body Suits High Protection (PCS-2)
➢ EOD Body Cooling Suits (ECS-3)
➢ EOD Accessories

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2.  COMMUNICATION MASTS (Fixed & Mobile, Manual /Auto)

(a) Tripod Base Masts
(b) Telescopic Masts
(c) Scissor Lift Masts

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3.  MAINTENANCE TEST STATIONS (Electronics / Mechanical / Hydraulics)

(a) Airborne & Ground Equipment, Test Stations
(b) Trollies, Airborne Equipment ground handling
(c) Hydraulic System Test Stations

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4.  AIR FIELD & TOWER WARNING LIGHTS (Solar & Utility Powered)

(a) Runway Lights
(b) Taxiway Lights
(c) Warning Lights
(d) Obstruction Lights

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5.   TOW BARS (Commercial & Military aircrafts)

6.   POWER SUPPLIES (AC/DC, all types for Airborne and Ground equipment)

7.   RUGGED FIELD CONNECTORS (Military Equipment)

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8.   AVIATION CLOCKS (Airborne Systems)

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