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Renewable Energy Source Based Interlocking Mechanism for Auto Transfer Switch

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Continuous load shedding and high electricity charges have caused a lot of disruption in the industrial progression of a nation. With sky-rocketing fuel prices, most people found using generators on petrol and diesel hard to use. Inflation has burdened the people enough to meet their daily needs. During these circumstances, there are limited solutions available to cope with the problems of load shedding. The most efficient and sustainable solution is the integration of renewable energy source with the conventional power system. In this research, auto transfer switchgear (ATS) is developed to make this integration reliable and robust. The low voltage tension three-phase industrial Auto Transfer Switchgear (ATS) aims to interlock the renewable energy source and the main utility source along with the features of power factor improvement controller and motor control center.

Initially, simulations-based study is done to prepare the feasibility of this innovation. The test system is simulated under load and under no load condition to conceptualize its operation under different operating conditions. Later on, Cad modeling is done to prepare its general arrangement diagram (GAD). This GAD model paved the ways towards its mechanical fabrication. Testing and commissioning are also done in order to test the hardware setup for commercial purposes. The proposed model is cost effective and have a sustainable solution in controlling the peak hours and peak load shifting towards the environment and society.

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