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Upgradation of Manual Wheelchair With The Help of Intelligent Detachable Harness

Product Details

The main aim of this project is to help the disable person that cannot carry wheelchair with human effort. Traveling has become vital. To this for this ward world, he must travel from place to place.  A harness is designed which can be coupled with existing wheel chair with some minor changes in it. This harness is equipped with electric motor and controller. This will make existing wheel chair electric in an economical way. The electric wheelchair will be driven with the help of a battery and thus provide the required voltage to the motor.

Experimentation and their results

 The maximum charging time of the battery from zero level to full charge is – 2hours

 The maximum speed of the bike is – 30km/hour

 Runs 15km after a full charge

 Can carry load of 150kg

 Noise-free and smooth run

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