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The University of Lahore

Fair distribution of Underground water

Water is a national asset, but being utilized on basis of payment of the price. The more is the usage more is the payment. However, this system of distribution has created shortage of water as...

The University of Lahore

Development of Electronic Controller for a parallel generation system

Parallel generators are connected at generation or transmission level for load sharing where frequency and voltage is to be essentially synchronized before the power is supplied at the bus bar. If the...

The University of Lahore

Renewable Energy Source Based Interlocking Mechanism for Auto Transfer Switch

Continuous load shedding and high electricity charges have caused a lot of disruption in the industrial progression of a nation. With sky-rocketing fuel prices, most people found using generators on p...

The University of Lahore

Remote Controlled Car Lifter

Side road emergencies like car tire puncher, minor mechanical issues, and wrong parking of cars in plazas and universities is an emerging and most widely faced issues in our daily life. These issues r...

The University of Lahore

IoT based Face Mask Detection and Temperature Sensing Barrier for prevention of Covid-19

A setup is designed using a Raspberry Pi 4, MLX90614 IR sensor, LCD and Servo motor with its driver circuit. Deep learning Algorithm CNN and Object detection model MobileNetV2 are used for face mask d...

The University of Lahore

Industrial Automation and Controlling-Frozen Food Products

Industrial automation greatly reduces the need for human sensory, human workforce and cost. With the rapid growth in the sensors, control and automation technologies many control systems such as Progr...

The University of Lahore

Hybrid Solar Electric Vehicle

Engineers make cars safer and more reliable. Automotive engineers develop, build, and test auto parts and cars. Their work focuses on safety and productivity challenges in the transportation industry....



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