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Automatic Water Motor Controller

Automatic Water Motor controller controls water motor by sensing the level of water tank through which we can save wastage of water from being overflow. This device not only sense the over head tank b...

Haprow (Private) Limited

TimTim - Your Autism Companion

TimTim is not just a robot; it's a friend and a mentor for children on the autism spectrum. This innovative assistive technology is designed with a deep understanding of the unique needs of autistic c...

Robotiqs Private Limited

Toilly Wheelchair (Patient Transfer Chair)

The toilly wheelchair's innovative design makes transferring indiviual from bed to chair a breeze! Its height adjustment feature allows pa􀆟ent to transfer from any size of bed or toilet. Its a smart c...

Robotiqs Private Limited

Myobionics Prosthetic Gripper

Myobionics Prosthetic Gripper is a one degree of freedom upper limb prosthetic hand for amputees. It uses myoelectric technology and brings back the amputee back to normal life.

Mark Smart Tech & Gadgets Private Limited

Life Band( IoT Based Wearable Automated Fall Detection & medical Aid System)

Our Life Band project, an IoT-based fall detection band, and medical aid system, contributes to the UN's SDG of Good Health and Well-being by detecting falls and tracking patient location using Fireba...

Smart glass film is one of the latest technological breakthroughs, enabling glass to be instantly transformed from a clear state to an opaque state, by the flicking of a switch, providing immediate pr...

Digital Cartel

Virtual Reality (VR) Trainer for Welding

Digital Cartel has developed VR Trainer for Learning and Practicing Welding skills. Our VR Trainers are desgined and developed to provide a realistic and interactive training experience, without the r...



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