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The University of Lahore

IoT based Face Mask Detection and Temperature Sensing Barrier for prevention of Covid-19

A setup is designed using a Raspberry Pi 4, MLX90614 IR sensor, LCD and Servo motor with its driver circuit. Deep learning Algorithm CNN and Object detection model MobileNetV2 are used for face mask d...

The University of Lahore

Hybrid Solar Electric Vehicle

Engineers make cars safer and more reliable. Automotive engineers develop, build, and test auto parts and cars. Their work focuses on safety and productivity challenges in the transportation industry....

The University of Lahore

Portable Dispenser & GSM Billing System

The Project showcases the automation of fuel station at micro level. This project can: Automatic receipt printing with information of transaction. Use of GSM technology for quick and accurate i...

Medik Tour is a product of Medik Tour (Private) Limited. It helps patients from all over the world and in Pakistan to select a suitable treatment procedure from the best hospitals in Pakistan. Patient...

National University of Technology, Islamabad

Distributed Wind Direction And Speed Assessment System

The Sniper training system is an advanced outdoor long-range system for sniper training and evaluation. It consists of multiple remote wireless weather stations reporting the wind speed and wind direc...

DriveSim - VR The major objectives of this application are to apply virtual reality in a practical scenario and spread awareness about traffic rules and regulations, and to teach driving skills to the...



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