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Teresol Private Limited

Military Grade Looms/Harness for military vehicles

We offer complete Form Fit and Functional replacement of existing/dated harness in adherence to international standards (IPC/WHMA-A-620). Manual Identification of harness bundles and its mapping throu...

Teresol Private Limited

Command and Control - Integrated Management Platform

We develop state-of-the-art Command and Control Systems to provide the commander with situational awareness and decision advantage. We can also upgrade your existing Command and Control System.

Teresol Private Limited

Military Grade AI enabled Auto-tracker for tanks

• Designed incorporating latest AI and Machine Learning techniques• Tracks stationary and moving targets on the go• Assists tank gunner in engaging and accurate firing on...

Teresol Private Limited

Military Grade Display Computer for fighter aircraft

Display Computer works as a display computer of the Navigation and Attack System (NAS) for aircraft avionics system. It performs the functions of a display computer, and adaptation interface of analog...

Teresol Private Limited

Military Grade Mission Management Computer for fighter aircraft

• Responsible for cockpit display control computations• Main avionics bus (1553B) controller• Navigation and mission plan controller• Capable of uploading OFP a...

Teresol Private Limited

Military Grade Mission Data Recorder (MDR) for fighter aircraft

MDR is an aviation grade high quality Digital(DVI/HDMI), Analog(XGA/Composite) Video and audio capturing and storage unit which simultaneously record videos displayed at Multi-Function Display as well...

Teresol Private Limited

Military Grade Multi-Channel Digital Video Recorder for fighter aircraft

Multi-Channel Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system is state of the art solid-state video recorder with capability of simultaneous recording of four very high-resolution differential RGB videos, two com...



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