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Description: Pardis Technology Park (PTP) is the region’s paradise of technology, under the auspices of Vice-Presidency for science and technology and a fourteen-entity Board of Trustees comprising of corporate and real bodies from ministries, science centers, and academies, headed by the First Vice President, pursuing the goals of commercialization of the research results and, establishing sustainable ties between University and Industry, is located in a now 60 hectares area, in three phases, (expandable to 1000 hectares) at 20 km distance to the northeast vicinity of Tehran.
Areas of Interest: Medical and Health Sciences,
Country: IRAN

Monitoring: ALBORZ B9 Patient care monitor 5’’ screen color LED with 1366 X 768 resolution and 170-degree view angle

Pardis Technology Park

Orthopedic implants

Orthopedic implants such as Hands, spine, hip, foot, intramedullary, screw and others

Pardis Technology Park

Dental products

Alum-Stop Gel (Aluminum Chloride 25%) Dental hemostatic viscose gel Calcium Hydroxide powder for a root canal treatment Cera –Etch gel (Hydrofluoric Acid gel) for porcelain and ceramic restorat...

Eyesunject: makes eye surgery safer simpler and more effective and keeps the incision as small as possible significantly contributed to the development of microsurgical technique

Pardis Technology Park

Washer & Disinfector

The Wash chamber is constructed of argon-welded 20 Gauge 304 L, stainless steel (no.4 finish). Chamber inhibits corrosion action of detergent, and is easy to clean, with no enameled surfaces to c...

4 modes for Monopolar Cut4 modes for Monopolar Coagulation2 modes for Manual & Auto-Start Bipolar CoagulationOne mode for Bipolar CutBipolar Cut in TUR Mode (Optional)360 watts maximum power outpu...

Pardis Technology Park


EMG/NCV/EP 4000S Features Time-saving and Easy to use Stable Operation Complete 2-channel, low noise, and high CMRR input High precision and programmable stimulator Included handheld stimulator Quic...



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