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A tractor drawn/operated sugarcane sett cutter planter has been designed for planting of sugarcane through setts as planting material for four feet apart double row method of sugarcane trench planting...

A tractor drawn multipurpose as well as multifunctional drill to perform different types of required field operations. This drill can cultivate the soil, break soil clods, prepare seed bed, apply fert...

The University of Lahore

Design and Implementation of a Smart Milking Machine

The process through which eggs hatch in birds and the embryo develops within the egg is known as incubation. The most critical aspect of incubation is maintaining a steady temperature for the...

MNS University of Agriculture Multan

High Efficiency Seed Drill

This machine has a unique seed distribution system that is equally beneficial/compatible with a variety of cereal crops. This machine is highly beneficial to restrict the wastage of seed with precise...

OREL Vision

Precision Agriculture

In conventional farming, the farmers lack resources, information, and technology that directly affect the crop yield and lead to food insecurity. While, in precision agriculture, all the activities of...



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