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Description: The University of Lahore is the largest private sector university in Pakistan with more than 35,000 students. It was established in 1999 and since then it is offering courses in the fields of Medicine & Dentistry, Engineering, Arts, Sciences and Social Sciences. With strong emphasis on balanced progress and focus on human capital, the University has grown to 11 faculties and 45+ departments.
Areas of Interest: Other, Natural Sciences/Biosciences, Engineering Technology, Agriculture/Food, Environment and climate change, Energy, Medical and Health Sciences, Bio-Sciences, Information and Communication Technologies,
Country: Pakistan
The University of Lahore

Design and Implementation of a Smart Milking Machine

The process through which eggs hatch in birds and the embryo develops within the egg is known as incubation. The most critical aspect of incubation is maintaining a steady temperature for the...

The University of Lahore

Upgradation of Manual Wheelchair With The Help of Intelligent Detachable Harness

The main aim of this project is to help the disable person that cannot carry wheelchair with human effort. Traveling has become vital. To this for this ward world, he must travel from place to...

The University of Lahore

Portable Dispenser & GSM Billing System

The Project showcases the automation of fuel station at micro level. This project can: Automatic receipt printing with information of transaction. Use of GSM technology for quick and accurate i...

The University of Lahore

Empirical Design and Fabrication of 3D Printer

Additive Layer manufacturing is being used in developed countries to make complex components for prototypes and production. 3D printers are rare in Pakistan to make any part or a machine member in lar...

The University of Lahore

Design And Control of Electric Heavy Bike

This project compromises the design and fabrication of the Electric Bike which makes use of Electric energy as the primary source. The electrical power generated which is used to run the bike...

The University of Lahore

Design and Fabrication of electric bike with Lithium ion Battery

We designed and fabricated electric bike having the following features: 48V 30 AH battery 3+ hours battery backup 1500 W bike hub motor 80 km per charge It is an improved version of E-bike. T...

The University of Lahore

CNC Router with Rotary Head for Metal Machining

In the manufacturing field, especially metal working is very important. So, CNC Technology has caused a great revolution. This revolution is possible with low cost and precise machines for Machining o...



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